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Smokey Flame @ 5 Fishermans Drive Coastlands

A little more info what to expect: Smokey Flame @ 5 Fishermans Drive Coastlands.

This will be a trial for a couple of mounts to establish if there is a need for a culinary experience in
Coastlands, not a café, dairy or restaurant but a venue where you can enjoy something different
every week. The information collected and feedback from the public will determine what products,
dishes and services will stay or go, after a couple of months we will know if this concept will work for all in Coastlands and for the surrounding areas and if so, we then will continue for a longer term.

My main operation, not at the venue is and I will post every morning on this
group what is available @ 5 Fishermans Drive Coastlands and at what times.
I will try out various dishes prepared over time, starting with very basic pulled pork, brisket and beef cheek burgers on Wednesday nights for now and then move on to more complicated dishes (family meals) to be available for pre order on weekends to avoid wastage.

From time to time there will be free tastings available when you purchase a smoked coffee, in future there will have various flavours available for the smoked coffee, currently the manuka seems to be popular.

Frozen meals will also be available to pick up on your way home to stick into the oven for dinner.

Most of the time for the next couple of months it will be only me at the venue and therefore when it
does get busy, things will move slowly, good food takes time and will be worth the wait.

Pop in for a coffee and for a chat of what you feel this community project could become and I am
confident with everyone’s input something could be created @ 5 Fishermans Drive to benefit the
residents of Coastlands. Join the group for daily updates.
Cheers, Andre.