Bespoke Menus to suit your occasion, taste and budget. Each dish prepared with love and expertise from locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Our menus from around the World offer something for everyone.

Al Fresco Dining

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Enjoy 3 hours feasting on a BBQ menu prepared just for you at different locations around Whakatane, al fresco dining!

For this one on one 3 hour tasting experience (mostly a summer event 1st November to 1st April) we set up the mobile restaurant at a place of your choosing (Whakatane) and prepare all the food (on average 7 courses) for you to enjoy in real time as all the food is prepared on the BBQ and smoker.

Please contact us for Al Fresco Dining at your home, any group size and for any time of year, wine pairing available on private properties.

Exclusive package for 2 people: $400
Exclusive package for 4 people: $750
Exclusive package for 6 people: $950
Prepaid bookings, Monday to Thursday only.
Contact Us
Ph: 022 631 1581

Sample Menus

Flatbread with labneh cheese and Za’atar
Fried brisket ball with mustard pickle
Dutch pancakes with butter chicken filling and kumara fries
Fried feta salad with strawberry and kiwi fruit
Cabanossi on a stick with pickled onion and apricot
Beef cheeks with roasted pepper and pap
Pork belly with apple and fennel salad
Karoo Ribs (thick cut lamb chops marinated in yoghurt, garlic and olive oil) grilled on open fire with pumpkin fritters and tomato / onion salad
Malva desert with smoked custard

Smoked chicken wings with humus and flat bread.
Pizza with various toppings, smoked salmon ect.
Rump steak smoked for 30 minutes then fire grilled.
Smoked ribs, also fire grilled.
Marinated fire grilled venison skewers.
Fire grilled sandwiches with cheese, tomato and red onion.
Smoker baked apple crumble.

(Wedding Catering Sample Menus).