Food and Fire

Spit roasted lamb with fire packages, example menu for 35 people @ $1775

Served as starter:

Smoked chicken wings with a spicy dipping sauce, hummus and pita


Spit roasted leg of lamb.
Barrel smoked pork belly.
White rice.
Moroccan red and white cabbage salad.
Green salad.
Tabbouleh salad.


Homemade gelato ice cream with a ginger biscuit crumb.

Includes travelling (20 km radius from Whakatane)

Tasting, rolled pork belly and leg of lamb.

Be sure to put your volume to max!!!Rolled pork belly and leg of lamb, Whakatane Catering

Posted by Smokey Flame on Saturday, 18 January 2020

Meat and melktert special